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It all seemed so simple, you add testcontainers to your java project, it instantiates your docker containers and everything works. And in a way it is also quite simple. The library does start your docker containers, it even has annotations that helps it listen to junit5 life cycle events and behave accordingly. But as I found out today, simple is not always simple.

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26 Jan 2021


I had already encountered the fzf (fuzzy finder) before, it’s a great friend when you are developing in vim. What I didn’t know though is that when you install it through the packet manager you might miss out on something really great with the fzf. It might be that it doesn’t install itself to help you search through the history in your terminal. And that’s a real shame!

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25 Jan 2021

The Easy Mock

I’m continuing to work on my rust code and came up with the scenario that I needed to mock a function. This is natural since the approach I’m taking to my implementation is to try to break the problem down into many small testable functions that I then compose. Because I’m working in rust I was afraid that doing this mocking of the function would be really difficult, maybe even not possible. Doing some quick googling also rather gave me examples of how to mock structs, not functions themselves. In the end I was happy to see that the type RefCell<> got you covered in this scenario.

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24 Jan 2021


I’m practicing algorithms and get a problem which I find quite hard. In addition I’m trying to implement the solution in Rust, which is not a language I’m using so often, and it’s not a language I’ve used for a long time. When doing this I’m realizing one of the big strengths of Functional programming, namely testing.

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23 Jan 2021

Integration Testing

I’m all for it. Well, not too much, but sufficiently. But, as I’ve experienced today, sometimes when working with Spring Boot there can be problems in the way.

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04 Jan 2021

The Curious Incident with the Type

Typescript is kind of talking to my past, as I used to be a .net developer. In the good old days I would write some reflection and generic stuff to try to squeeze the best out of .net 3.5. Well, that’s long in the past, and most of the things I’ve already forgotten. Anyway, now I had this case in Typescript where I wanted to create a string representation of my type based on properties that had a value. Right down the alley for what Javascript lets you do. Not so much type systems.

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30 Dec 2020


There are big problems and there are small problems. Granted, I’m working on a rather small one. Still, I’m struggling to make up my mind.

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26 Dec 2020

On Change

I’m working on my beloved little geometry library. I’m finally approaching the goal I set up a long time ago, I want to write a small layout library that can layout components so that they don’t overlap. As part of this I want to be able to visualize vectors. To visualize vectors I want to draw a line and a triangle, the triangle indicating where the vector points. To draw a good pointing triangle I want to be able to rotate shapes, so that the triangle points in the right direction. To do a good rotation I want to first transpose my points to Origo and then apply a rotation matrix. And to do all of these things I realize that I’d rather work with my vectors as three dimensional as two dimensional.

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25 Dec 2020


I just installed CoC-Snippets for my nvim setup. I think snippets is a feature that can add a lot of power to any developer if used correctly. With the flexibility that you define your own snippets, suddenly you can get very close to just blasting out code according to your intention instead of spending lengthy time writing the same time over and over again. I think that this form of killing of repetition is key in the development of a more efficient programmer.

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20 Dec 2020

For the Love of CLI

I really like the CLI tools that are developed. I recently discovered that Github has one, and it’s such a joy to now be able to create / resolve issues through the command line, and also to be able to create merge requests etc.

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19 Dec 2020