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Kotlin Extension Methods

If you’ve worked for a while with Java and then take the step into Kotlin, it is easy to keep on writing code like you used to do it in Java but just using Kotlin’s more succinct syntax. That’s also a very good first step to getting into the world of Kotlin. Once you’ve gotten some experience there’s one feature I really advice you to adopt. That’s the Extension Methods.

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15 Jun 2021

Quarkus and Randomness

Quarkus is a project in the JVM world which enables you to write “Supersonic Subatomic Java” programs. When one first starts looking into the project it can feel a bit fuzzy what it actually does. The end result though is pretty clear, you get java application that have a significantly smaller memory footprint and that startup a lot faster. These are two features that makes Quarkus great for the Native environment where you typically want you applications to be able to scale up and down quickly and not take more resources than necessary.

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14 Jun 2021

Just Do It?

Are you the kind of developer that likes to know everything up front? Or are you the kind that like to just start hacking away at a problem and see where it takes you?

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15 May 2021

Docker from Node

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could use the power of Docker and docker containers together with the flexibility of NodeJs? Well it turns out you can and it’s not very difficult.

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09 May 2021

What Drives Efficiency

The last couple of months I’ve analysed my working to try to see which techniques I find useful on a day to day basis and which not. I’ve compiled a small list of things which I think are highly useful to get more done in your day to day business. It’s of course a list that is under constant development as I test and evaluate new ways of approaching problems. As of today this is how the list looks though:

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01 May 2021

The Hidden Constraints

Most programming languages do a wonderful job of hiding complexity. Often the compiler can do a good job of figuring out what you want to do, and wires things to your likings. Sometimes though it’s not possible. That’s when you start interacting with the hidden constraints of the language.

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18 Apr 2021

The Small Things That Make a Difference

I’m trying to create a habit out of learning something from my work every week. I try to observe the work that I’ve done and try to see if there’s something I did that I could have done better.

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17 Apr 2021

TDD or Not?

Not so long ago, a discussion arose at my work regarding test driven development (TDD). If you do TDD, won’t you risk having to cleanup a lot of tests when you start refactoring?

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17 Apr 2021


I started reading this book on Software Architecture. I find that the book is well written and well structured, but at the same time I found it lacking with perhaps one of the most fundamental questions. What is Software Architecture?

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09 Apr 2021

SPACE and Developer Productivity

I stumbled upon this post that is outlining an updated way of measuring developer productivity. I recommend everyone to go there and read it.

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28 Mar 2021