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Water Under the Bridge

A long time ago angularjs was seeing widespread adoption. The early adopters appeared like magicians and the number of libraries and frameworks in the javascript space exploded!

People were happy about the new possibilities. At the same time some people noticed a new phenomenon. Framework fatigue. You had just managed to get proficient in one framework when all of a sudden ReactJS, or Angular or something else dropped. There was a feeling of Sisyphus over it. When would you finally have learned it all? Never.

I’ve had a pause in frontend development for a while. I’ve mostly focused on backend work or project management. Then suddenly I had some time available to dip my toes into the frontend waters again.It should have come as not surprise to me that the landscape had shifted. A lot. Say hello to Vite and Vitest. What impresses me is how I used to feel that Webpack and Jest were really solid and complete solutions. Still innovation has been possible.

I’m not sad by this, or bothered that there is a constant stream of new things coming. Rather it makes me excited to see how innovation keeps on happening and happening beyond where my imagination thought it would go. To all of you that are out there and help on improving things, good work!