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It’s been a while since OpenAI started a big buzz. ChatGPT made AI the center of attention for a lot of people. There are many takes on what AI is and what it’s going to do. There is no lack of innovation in the field, with first image generators and then being able to do full videos just from text.

There has been no lack of interest and there has been no lack of incentives to put a spin on what AI is and what it will become. Smart people created books within weeks or even days of ChatGPT coming where people could learn how to leverage AI as a super power. The books likely not containing more depth than what can be found on the internet, but their authors likley making a decent amount of money. Still, one year later, the most intuitive and fundamental discussion on the topic hasn’t been had. For an everyday person, how has AI revolutionized your life?

Let’s take a step back. Let’s look at the industrial revolution. It wasn’t only positive, but it’s easy to point to what benefits the revolution brought about. Clothes became affordable for most people since they became a lot cheaper to produce. In area after area, the industrial revolution has made it possible to provide material benefits to big parts of the population, something that before wasn’t possible.

AI? We’re one year later. For sure there are going to be projects that improve our society. For example it suddenly becomes possible to separate trash per machine. Science will likely have a big boost with being able to see patterns that the human mind was not seeing before.

Still - think about how your life has changed. Not your work life, but your real life. Perhaps you now have a smarter algorithm that choses which song next to play, but has it helped with the things that matter? Does it make you eat in a more health manner? Does it help you have a more meaningful relationship with your family? What everyday problems have AI helped you solve? I’m not prescribing an answer here, but this is the discussion that would interest me.