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#6 - Extreme Programming

In this episode I talk with Salman Mazhar and Ioanna Karydi on the topic of Extreme Programming. We explore our experiences with development methodologies and how you can find alignment in an organization to work in the most efficient possible way.

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23 Apr 2023

#5 - Impact

Santhos Ramalingam is one of the most talented young engineers I’ve worked with. During our time together at ImmobilienScout Santhos instantly created impact by coming with fresh and useful ideas combined with a deep knowledge of technology. In this episode he joins me to talk about impact. We look at where the great results actually come from.

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11 Apr 2022

#4 - Programming Languages

Santhosh Kannan was a beloved colleague of mine when I was working at ImmobilienScout. With calm and stoic composure he would keep order on the third floor and always have an answer at hand. Now he’s working as a Freelancer based in Berlin. In this episode he joins me to dig in to programming languages. We try to answer the questions what differences there are between languages and if it makes sense to learn more than one.

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21 Mar 2021

#3 - Leadership

Stig Nielsen is an old colleague of mine from my first full time job. He’s an amazing person and was always a blast to be around. Today he’s working as a solution architect at Insurance Technology Solutions AS. In this episode he joined me to have a conversation about team spirit, ownership and what makes a good developer.

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24 Feb 2021

#2 - Products

Stefan Schubert-Peters was my first ever manager in Germany. Stefan has made the journey from working as a programmer into becoming a product manager and finally now a head of product. He has a sharp analytical mind that has spent a lot of time thinking about product development. In this podcast it’s my pleasure to talk to him regarding the roles of the software engineer, the product manager and the manager. About how they work together to create products and his thoughts on what’s important in that process.

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30 Jan 2021

#1 - Learning

Magnus Lindhult is a friend and a former colleague of mine. He works as a freelance software engineer for his own company HeadCraft AB. He’s also been competing in gymnastics and has won a silver medal in a team discipline on European level. In this episode Magnus joins me to discuss the role of communication when working with software engineering.

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16 Jan 2021