Sep 2, 2020

The Age of the Home Office

Obviously I'm late to the party, but I just came back to work and have now realized that everything is different. Gone is the office, the coffee breaks after the meetings. In comes instead the moving image of a beach for the Zoom meetings. It is like a whole new world. I'm curious to see how one can adapt to it to learn as much as possible, be as efficient as possible, but still stay sane and human.

There is an obvious advantage to the fact that you save time in your day because of not travelling back to and from work (with the caveat of course that you don't really move). You also don't get all of the commotion around you that people running around in the corridors would usually mean. This means you can focus better on your tasks. What I think is an important part of work is to make sure that sufficient breaks come into the work, so that one can absorb the lessons one learns throughout ones focus as well.

I also think that pairing is a good practice, and I can really see how that becomes more difficult now. I think that pairing is something that would usually give you the heads up perspective to make sure that you don't get stuck in one line of thought, but instead manage to widen your perspectives.

I'll see how things develop, but one thing I'll try to work actively with is to make sure that I first think out the steps of what I want to accomplish before executing my plan. I also will try to go into the office once in a while and try to get other people to come as well, so that there at least are some times where you get to meet face to face.