Aug 21, 2020

Git Diff Current File

It is brilliant how Vim easily allows you to execute shell commands. Just enter last line mode and write ! <your command>. If you want to check the git diff on the current file you also want to know the filename of the file you are editing. This can be done by using %. So by entering last line mode and typing !git diff % you get a quick git diff of the current file.

Code of the Day

Here is some typical code that adds another item to a linked list.

static void addTextureToCache(char* name, SDL_Texture *texture) {
  Texture *newT;
  newT = malloc(sizeof(Texture));
  memset(newT, 0, sizeof(Texture));

  STRNCPY(newT->name, name, MAX_NAME_LENGTH);
  newT->texture = texture;

  textureTail->next = newT;
  textureTail = newT;